An important segment of the industrial plant improvement is the automation and modernization of the system. As this job is complex and delicate, it is important to choose a quality team that will do it for you. Our company has a team of professional electrical and mechanical engineers who are ready to see the needs of your company and offer you the best solution.

Automation of the system achieves better productivity and efficiency of the production process, which results in significant savings in production resources.

The platform on which NOVUM builds its project solutions is based on hardware and software solutions of SIEMENS, which is a global leader in the field of electronics and electrical engineering, and whose we are proud to be the first partner in Serbia.

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Areas of work

NOVUM company has many years of experience in several areas of industrial plants, machines and production processes.

We perform automation and modernization on:

  • CNC machine tools (lathes, grinders, milling machines),
  • Cranes (bridge, tower, port),
  • Production lines.




System design

In accordance with the requirements of users, NOVUM engineers design the conceptual design, select the appropriate equipment and create an electrical project using modern software packages.